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Seven Saves Is
Your Church’s Love
In Motion.

Provide a practical discipleship opportunity and bring your church family together by joining the Seven Saves initiative

A New Outreach
Program That
Pastors Love.

Seven Saves is a church-based initiative that allows individual church members to feed a hungry child for just $7 a month, while also bringing your congregation together to multiply their gifts and make a difference physically and spiritually in the communities in which the children live.

Seven Saves Is
Faith In Action

Seven Saves provides a practical opportunity for growing discipleship among church members.

Engage Your

Seven Saves builds community within your church through generous outreach and collaboration.

No Financial

Requires no financial commitment on the part of the church. We provide all the support you need to launch and grow the initiative at no cost.

Reach Out To
Learn More.

Interested in learning more about the Seven Saves initiative? Complete the request form and we will send you more information about Seven Saves with no obligation.

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