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4 Reasons Seven Saves is the Program For Your Church Right Now

Are you looking for ways to build a stronger, more engaged congregation? Unfortunately, the reality is there are strong headwinds, with one in three practicing Christians dropping out of church completely during the pandemic. 

“At the time when the world needs the Gospel the most, it appears to be the least interested,” writes Carey Nieuwhof, pastor and best-selling author. He believes that engagement is the new church attendance.

How can you cultivate a truly engaged congregation? New purpose-filled programming and international missions work can be the cornerstone.

Here are 4 reasons Seven Saves is the program for your church right now:


1. It’s a wonderful opportunity to help fulfill the Great Commission.

The Seven Saves initiative, powered by Food For The Poor, is built upon showing our love to communities in need. Those who contribute are feeding young souls. It’s not just food, though. It’s spiritual nourishment as well, as meals are distributed in partnership with local churches.

This is an opportunity to share the gospel – a mission that energizes and connects us all! Donors are motivated by their collective faith in God, spreading His unconditional love, regardless of race, wealth or creed as Seven Saves ministers to the poorest of the poor in countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

2. It doesn’t require a huge time or resource commitment.

You always have to consider the time and resource commitment when supporting a new project. Seven Saves understands that people are busy and many organizations are short-staffed right now, so this initiative is as plug-and-play as possible. The program needs just one liason from your church, working a couple of hours a month, in order to feed hungry children and develop communities.

This church facilitator could be a volunteer or staff member who communicates the details of the program to your church, distributes materials and resources and provides updates to your congregation. Learn more about the role here. Launching the program will require a few more people initially, from your pastor to volunteers helping to pass out materials. Once up and running, the facilitator can take over and lead the effort.

Expect support from the Seven Saves team throughout the whole process. In fact, you’ll have a dedicated contact and supporter who’s well-equipped to serve your social media and publicity needs. There’s also a Seven Saves Facebook group filled with a wealth of resources, and you can post a comment or send an email to get guidance whenever you need it.

3. You can plan an in-person kickoff to bring your congregation together.

Many people are desperate for fellowship, and kicking off an international missions campaign is a great opportunity to come together. You can help members of your church feel good about the good work they’re embarking on.

You probably have some tried-and-true methods for kickoff events, but here are a few more ideas:

  • Have a breakfast or brunch or offer a dedicated fellowship hour, with signage and displays so that people can learn more about Seven Saves. You can even boost engagement by allowing your congregation to vote on which community project they’d like to tackle, from providing school supplies to improving water safety.
  • Host a day of service. Pick a nearby project that requires a few hours of work, like helping a homebound member of your church with a house project, tackling a church maintenance project or doing some yardwork for someone going through a challenging time. You can begin with a short meeting about Seven Saves, with a presentation and the opportunity to distribute some materials. Serving your local community will pair nicely with the launch of your larger global effort. 

4. You can foster new connections by creating a common goal for your church to rally around.

Making a real difference can energize your church, and you’ll help to develop a new sense of unity by pooling your resources to tackle a bigger goal. For $7 per month, individuals can feed a hungry child in a community in need, plus fund a community improvement project in the children’s village. 

Church members can get to know one another through the process of learning about Seven Saves and the community they’re sponsoring. Updates on the transformation and how your congregation is helping can create a buzz and a sense of optimism that can be infectious.Seven Saves is feeding young souls by providing meals and spiritual support. Share the love of Jesus Christ and strengthen your church family in the process. Refer your church and learn more about Seven Saves today.

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