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5 Projects To Consider For Your Next Church Outreach Campaign
Water Filtration

Would you like to help an international community for your next church outreach campaign? Getting started may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Seven Saves has done most of the legwork for you – identifying needs, establishing partnerships and fostering relationships.

This plug-and-play initiative allows your congregation to select a community project to support in addition to providing meals for hungry kids. All of that’s possible through careful stewardship of your members’ financial support: just $7 per month. We call it a double blessing! 

Here are five projects to consider, and they’re all targeted to a community of your choice.

1. Provide Bibles for up to 50 families

You may take for granted the easy access to the Scripture that we have in the United States. However, many families in developing countries don’t have a Bible. 

In the Latin American communities that we serve, we can provide Spanish versions once your church has enough points (which are kind of like frequent flyer miles!). Both adult and children’s Bibles will be distributed through their local church.  

2. Provide water filtration systems

People in the community you’ve chosen don’t have ready access to clean water. Your gift of water filtration systems reduces the risk of infection and disease. 

Collecting water can also be time-consuming, taking away from education and paying work. Safer water systems will keep families healthy and allow them more time to focus on the rest of what life has to offer.

3. Provide $4,000 worth of school supplies

Education is the main way to break the cycle of extreme poverty. School supplies are badly needed. Your contribution will fund books, paper, writing utensils, blackboards and desks to improve the learning environment.

4. Provide fruit trees to 50 families

Seedlings and small plants will grow and eventually provide a steady source of food, year after year. Banana trees are one example that will begin providing fruit in just one year, while others will take longer.

5. Provide $2,000 worth of supplies for local churches

We’ll work directly with a pastor to find out how your contribution can have the biggest impact. These supplies can help the church grow and meet the needs of the community. Examples include Bibles, hymnals, chairs, musical instruments and classroom materials to support the spread of the gospel’s good news to the community.  

Again, remember that  with Seven Saves, you can decide which country you’d like to support. Your community project is like a bonus to the area that you are helping to feed as well.

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