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7 Surprising Reasons Your Church Should Join Seven Saves in 2023

This Christmas season, Christians all over the world are reflecting on their blessings and the grace of God they’ve experienced over the past year. How can they be good stewards to those who are less fortunate? This is the Season of Giving – a popular time of year for being charitable, with 31% of all annual giving happening in December

Many churches are also considering longer-term ways of giving back throughout 2023, such as teaming up with Seven Saves, which feeds young souls both spiritually and physically.

Here are 7 reasons your church should join Seven Saves in 2023:

   1. The initiative is an opportunity to energize your congregation

Coming together around a collective goal is a great way to build community and resiliency within your congregation. Seven Saves can foster new conversations and connections as people learn about the details and the big picture.

The program allows individual church members to help feed and support hungry children for $7 per month.

   2. Seven Saves is a plug-and-play program backed by a trusted team

After some initial setup, Seven Saves is designed to require as little administrative work as possible. Just one facilitator from your church, who could be a volunteer, can do everything needed within a few hours per month.

All of the projects, relationships and on-the-ground logistics are handled by Seven Saves staffers and their trusted partners. Seven Saves is powered by Food For The Poor, which was founded in 1982 and has a long track record of international missions work.

   3. You’re making a real difference and helping to fulfill the Great Commission

Seven Saves partners with local churches in the Caribbean and Latin America in areas where many families are living in extreme poverty and struggling with food insecurity. A commitment to helping and supporting these families makes a real difference in their lives. On top of that, Seven Saves is dedicated to developing self-sustaining communities.

Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to share the gospel—a mission that energizes and connects us all!

   4. You can pick a project that speaks to the hearts of your members

Churches signing up for Seven Saves have a number of projects to consider in addition to selecting a particular community to support including providing Bibles, school supplies, fruit trees or water filtration systems. Learn more about the options for your next church outreach campaign.

   5. Seven Saves takes nothing from your budget

Seven Saves is set up as a program your church can run without additional strain on the church budget. In fact, no financial commitment from the budget is required. Instead, the program relies on donations from individual church members,which start as low as $7 per month. 

   6. Now is the time to bring your church family together

Are you feeling like your church community has become fragmented? Help reunite members through a common mission to feed those in extreme poverty and to spread the gospel. One pastor who plans to roll out Seven Saves at his church called it a great way to extend beyond the local community, work toward a common goal and celebrate the progress together.

   7. The Seven Saves team is on your side

Someone is available to answer all of your questions about what joining Seven Saves entails and what rolling out the program looks like. Churches who sign up have ongoing access to dedicated contact from the Seven Saves team, plus facilitators can access Seven Saves News in the Facebook group and they receive quarterly newsletter updates. 

Still have questions? It’s easy to schedule a quick introductory call with Christi Parker and get your church started today. 

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