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Use this list to easily keep track of the key steps to implement the Seven Saves initiative in your church.

1. Register Your Church
To start, after getting the go-ahead from church leadership, register your church online at”. The church signup is fairly simple and we have phone and email support if you have questions.

2. Select a Seven Saves Facilitator
Select a Seven Saves Facilitator to coordinate the program. This can be the pastor, church staff or volunteer. This person is the primary link between the church and Seven Saves.

3. Choose a Seven Saves launch date
Seven Saves can start at any time during the year. Simply choose a date for the launch of Seven Saves to present this opportunity to church members both in-person and online.

4. Church Members sign up
Church members who are moved by the opportunity to make a difference through Seven
Saves go to the website to sign up for the program and give their first monthly donation of just $7 per month to help feed and support hungry children.

5. Celebrate!
Then it’s time to celebrate! Once the points are earned, your church can celebrate
the impact you’re making on the physical and spiritual health of children in need and the transformation that is happening in their communities through their combined support.

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