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Thank you for your interest in the Seven Saves initiative, powered by Food For The Poor. We’ve learned from talking with pastors and church leaders that two of their key ministry desires are:

1. To disciple each member of their church body.
2. To have more ways to do the work of Jesus in community with one another.

That’s what makes the Seven Saves initiative such a perfect fit for God’s Church. It’s a chance for every single believer to grow their compassion and broaden their perspective of God’s heart for the poor by helping feed and support hungry children for just $7 a month.

And individual gifts add up to a big opportunity for your church! Each $7 monthly gift from your members automatically earns your church points that support a critical need in a poor community. From Bible distribution to water filtration systems — you choose the project from a selection of transformative initiatives.

Seven Saves blesses those in great need and blesses your church in the process!

The Seven Saves initiative is a particularly good way for churches to serve the poorest of the poor. Why? First, the extremely low cost for individual partners ($7/month) and zero capital outlay for churches means there’s a low barrier for church members to engage. Individuals and families in your church will feed hungry children!

Next, the unique “personal+church family” structure of Seven Saves earns your church points toward a shared goal — like buying supplies for a local church or providing water filtration systems. Keep your congregation invested by sharing regular updates on your giving goals. Seven Saves isn’t a “one and done” initiative — instead, it keeps your church engaged, from one outreach goal to another. Seven Saves is a robust part of your global outreach, giving your church community a tangible connection to living out the Gospel.

Seven Saves is good for the poor … and good for your church


• Puts faith into action among your church family, helping individuals engage with the problem of extreme poverty.
• Has shared goals to build community and keep your “church family” working together and actively invested in outcomes.
• Requires no financial outlay from your church budget.
• Is a robust “plug-and-play” initiative that provides you with planning, resources, and personalized support from Seven Saves staff.

Where we work

Our outreach is primarily focused in the Caribbean and Latin America, where we feed children and help move impoverished communities toward self-sufficiency.

While Food For The Poor serves in 17 countries, the countries listed below are those being specifically served by the Seven Saves initiative.

  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador

A win - win way for churches to engage

INDIVIDUAL: Seven Saves’ innovative structure drives personal discipleship in your church. It’s easy: any member of your church can provide a child in poverty with nutritious meals daily for only $7 per month. That commitment makes a huge difference!

CHURCH LEVEL: Next, your church will select a specific project (like building a well) in a community of your choosing. Each of those $7 monthly gifts from members of your congregation earns your church “Project Points” (think frequent flyer miles). You don’t have to do a thing—it’s automatic. These points reduce the amount of giving required to fund your church’s project. It’s an exciting way to get your whole church family engaged and attentive to a shared ministry goal.

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