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Welcome to the Seven Saves initiative:

You will find everything you need on this website to grow a vibrant Seven Saves initiative in your church.

Seven Saves is how your church can put God’s love in motion for families facing extreme poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America. Along with participating churches across the United States, your church can make a significant and lifelong difference for families in need.

It is estimated that church facilitators will spend an average of 2 hours per week leading the program. In short, it will be your job as church facilitator to:

  • Communicate details of the program to your church
  • Distribute materials and resources
  • Provide updates to your congregation

Thank you for leading your team’s efforts that will change lives!

How Seven Saves Works:

The double blessing of Seven Saves:

Blessing #1: For just $7 dollars per month, individuals can help feed and support hungry children in a poor community.

Blessing #2: Each $7 gift earns points (think frequent flyer miles) for your church to fund a community improvement project in the childrens’ village.

Seven Saves Is Love in Motion

What’s Next:


Be familiar with the Seven Saves initiative from this website and this Overview
Know the point system
Review Seven Saves FAQs
Learn about Food For The Poor
How it works
Presentation for church leadership


  1. Sign up for Seven Saves
  2. Create your church’s profile, select your country/community and project
  3. Join the Seven Saves Facilitator’s group on Facebook
  4. Prepare for your launch


  1. Schedule a Sunday to launch Seven Saves whenever it’s convenient for your church
  2. Order your launch materials (poster, door cling, brochures)
  3. Download support materials (presentation PDF, video, sermon outline)
  4. Promote your launch date to your church members
  5. Track and report progress to your church (at least quarterly) using your Church Portal on this website


We are committed to supporting you and your church every step of the way as you help families through Seven Saves. We are here for you, whether it’s answering your questions, generating new ideas, or helping you recruit new participants. We can put God’s love in motion together!

Join the private Facebook Group:

Reach out to us with questions: 800-427-9104

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