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Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

For Pastors and Church Leadership

Does my church need to commit budget to this project?

One of the best features of the Seven Saves Initiative is it does not require budgeted funds from your church. Instead, Seven Saves calls upon the members of your congregation to give individually and at any level that is comfortable or sacrificial for them.

How do we choose the community our church will support?

At, you will find here both the countries and communities listed.

When is the Seven Saves Initiative complete in my church?

You will determine the time frame for the Seven Saves campaign in your church and the initiative may be cancelled at any time. The goal for participating is for church members to accumulate the points required to fund a significant project that helps transform the community your church has chosen.

Once a community project is funded, the church may choose to maintain the program, change communities to support or conclude the Initiative.

How many people from my congregation will need to volunteer time to make this work?

To manage Seven Saves on a monthly basis, you’ll only need one Facilitator since it will only require a few hours a month at most. To launch the program will involve more people initially, from the pastor to your AV team to volunteers passing out materials.

How do you support the Facilitator in our church?

Vicky Lynch is a dynamic member of our team who will serve as your lead contact and supporter. Vicky is well equipped to serve your technical, social media, and publicity needs. Feel free to email her or post a comment on the Seven Saves Facebook group. The website also provides a wealth of resources to support the Facilitator’s role.

What are “Project Points?”

For each gift participating member of your congregation makes online, they automatically earn “Project Points.” These are similar to frequent flyer miles and are combined with points earned by others in your church family to fund a project that makes an impact on the community your church has selected. These points reduce the amount of giving required to fund these projects. For more detail, click here.

How do we choose the “Points Projects” for our church?

The website lists a number of community transformation projects that can be funded by Project Points and/or one-time giving. Once your church chooses a project and reaches the level of Project Points required, we will work with your Facilitator to start the project in the community you are serving.

What if our church doesn’t reach its Project Points goal?

You can choose from many options to select the project that makes an impact on the community your church has selected. It is unlikely that your church will not reach at least one of the options between the Project Points and one-time giving. But we’re here to help and are available to work with you to make sure the Initiative is a success.

How do you support local churches in this Initiative?

Each community was chosen because of a strong relationship with a local Evangelical pastor and church. They are partners in this Initiative. Our projects include options for providing Bibles or church supplies to these local churches.

How will my gifts be used?

Each recurring monthly gift of $7 help feed and support hungry children and automatically contributes Project Points to the project your church selects that helps transform the child’s community.

Once individual community projects are fully funded through points from recurring and one-time gifts, funds will be allocated to other projects in the same community as listed in the Community Projects web page.

For Individual Givers

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, contributions are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3. We will provide you with receipts for all donations.

How can I see the impact of my giving?

Every three months, we will send you an email newsletter that will give updates on the impact you are making in children’s lives and the physical and spiritual health of their community. Additional information will be available on your personal web page.

Can I support more than one child?

We encourage you to support as many children as possible in the community your church selects because there are many children in need. And the more you give, the more Project Points you automatically earn to help your church complete a community impact project.

Can I visit or write to the child I’m supporting?

This initiative is “community based” and administered through a local school, church, community center or health center. There is not a specific child assigned to your giving because your giving will be combined with other givers in your church to feed a group of children in the community. Once Covid risks are resolved, we will be ready to travel again and it is our deepest hope that you and your church will travel with us on a mission trip to serve the children you support and the community they live in.

What if I want to give to a different community or country?

This particular initiative is designed to help churches grow their discipleship and outreach. If you want to support a country not included in the Seven Saves program, we can help you find another way to support your country of choice at Food For The Poor.

Can I be part of Seven Saves if I am not connected to a church?

Yes, you can give to Seven Saves as an individual by clicking here. As much as possible, however, we’d like Seven Saves participants to be connected to a church because this Initiative is designed to help grow and build community within the Church. If you do not see your church, we have resources to help you introduce Seven Saves to your church leadership. Click here to see what we have available to help you share the vision.

What if I want to give to a different community or country?

This initiative is designed to help churches grow in discipleship and outreach in a specific number of needy communities. If you want to support a country or community not included in the Seven Saves program, we can help you find another way to support your country of choice at Food For The Poor.

What if I want to give to a project that isn’t on the list?

Because the community projects are largely supported by Project Points, any new project needs to be a commitment from your church as a whole. If your church is interested in funding a different project, simply have your Seven Saves Facilitator contact us. We’ll work with you and your church to find the right project even if it is not on the current list.

Can I give to other Food For The Poor projects?

Always. There are often emergencies and disasters to which Food For The Poor responds. We always welcome your help.

I already give to Food For The Poor. Do those donations count towards the Seven Saves Initiative?

No, each gift to Food For The Poor is restricted so your donated funds are applied only to your chosen project. You always have the flexibility to request a change in how you apply future donations. Contact Donor Relations if you’d like to change a current giving program to support Seven Saves.

How will you use the information you collect about me?

We respect you as a donor and will never share your data with any outside organization. We will only use your contact information to keep you updated on the development of your selected community. For more detail, click the Privacy link at the bottom of this page.

General Questions

Who is Food For The Poor?

Food For The Poor began in 1982 in Jamaica. Today, our interdenominational Christian ministry serves those in extreme poverty in primarily 17 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Through our more than 10,000 faithful donors and the Church, we are able to provide food, housing, healthcare, education, fresh water, emergency relief, micro-enterprise solutions and much more.

How can I learn about Food For The Poor’s use of donations?

We invite you to visit our web site and click on Financial Information. It will outline how funds are used and how FFTP stewards your gifts efficiently. Charity Navigator rates Food For The Poor at 97/100 for Accountability and Transparency.

Is Seven Saves a Christian Initiative?

Absolutely yes. Our ministry is a reflection of our Lord’s unconditional love–a love that surrenders all, that inspires trust and faith, and that embraces all people…. It is also shaped by our belief that Christ is alive and can be served directly by serving those in greatest need (Matthew 25:40). Food For The Poor is partnering with churches like yours across the country to help break the cycle of generational poverty and bring the Good News of Jesus to communities suffering in extreme poverty.

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