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How do “Project Points” work?

See how your church family can make an even bigger impact

Seven Saves starts with members giving a monthly gift of $7 which helps feed and support hungry children monthly and also contributes to a church-wide community transformation project.

Each Seven Saves gift earns “Project Points.”  You don’t have to do a thing—it’s automatic.  These are similar to frequent flyer miles and are combined with points earned by others in your church family.  These points go toward funding a project that makes an impact on the community your church has selected.  These points reduce the amount of giving required to fund these projects.

Each monthly gift of $7 that helps feed and support hungry children generates 7 points toward the church goal.  Each one-time gift that’s given to directly support the community project generates 7 points per dollar.

Donation Purpose Points
Seven Saves Monthly Giving $7 per month Helps feed and support hungry children 7 points earned per month
Seven Saves One-Time Giving Toward Community Determined by Giver Contributes points to the community transformation project 7 points earned per dollar donated

It adds up quickly!

Each giver will have their own Seven Saves webpage where they can view their personal giving, the Project Points they automatically earned and also how many points the church has earned as a whole toward a community transformation project.

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