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Meet the Communities that Seven Saves Helps

Where in the world does your church community want to help alleviate generational poverty? The Seven Saves initiative empowers your congregation to decide on the location and the community project that you want to get behind.

Seven Saves is focused on five underdeveloped countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, including Haiti, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Keep reading to learn more about your options – and the need – in each of those places.

  • Puerta de Luz, Colombia

This is a neighborhood in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, and it’s a popular place for migrants looking for a better life to settle. Some of the challenges this area faces include high unemployment, poverty and malnutrition. That has led to a lot of fear, crime and drug usage. There are many needs here, including clothing, food, medical care and spiritual support.

  • Joyas del Norte, El Salvador

This community, which translates to “Jewels of the North,” is made up of farmers, entrepreneurs and workers. A major source of income is the sugar cane cutting season. People living here have struggled with gang activity for years. Severe winter storms often lead to flooding because of the lack of water drainage systems. Unfortunately, life is difficult because there are few opportunities for work, and it’s tough to build a life beyond mere survival.

  • Aldea los Perez, Guatemala

This region is set against a backdrop of volcanoes in the country’s western highlands. While the city has active agricultural and livestock industries, it’s only accessible by a single dirt road. The people who live here are isolated and remote. That makes it hard to maintain their water supply and to sell their potato and corn crops.

  • La Sabana, Honduras

La Sabana is located near the local garbage dump. People from rural areas have moved here to search through the garbage. They’re looking for recyclable materials to sell in addition to clothing and food thrown out by restaurants in order to survive. Many residents are malnourished. There’s a lack of hope here, with most simply trying to live one more day.

  • Labaranle, Haiti

This is a rural farming community, with a very young population. Most residents are under the age of 18. Children come to school hungry, making it very difficult for them to learn. Basic human needs are lacking here, from health care to drinking water, school infrastructure, roads and telecommunications.

These regions are all dealing with extreme poverty. The need is great. Which communities speak to your heart? Each $7 monthly donation helps feed and support hungry children for an entire month in addition to providing support for a key community project.

Refer your church by learning more about the Seven Saves initiative and prayerfully planning how you can share the vision with your congregation.

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