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Welcome to Seven Saves!

For only $7 a Month, You’re Making a Difference for Christ in the Lives of Children and Their Communities.

Rosario. Juan. Maria. Sofia. Mateo. Daniel. David.

These are just a few of the children who are not going to bed hungry because of people like you who have a heart for serving “the least of these” in Jesus’ name. We’re so grateful to count you as a member of the Seven Saves Initiative.

If you’re new to this Initiative, please take time to learn a little more about the work we will be doing together to feed children and transform their communities. You can learn more by clicking this link.

If you’re part of a church participating in Seven Saves, you’ll also want to see how your gifts are multiplied through the Project Points each gift automatically generates. It’s a unique way Seven Saves will bring your church family together and reduce the costs to make an impact on an entire community. You can learn more about Project Points by clicking this link.

If you’re ready to join the Initiative, becoming a member is simple.  Simply fill out the form below.

Give to Feed a Hungry Child

Start your $7 monthly giving help feed and support hungry children by clicking the Donate Here button

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