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Change a Life for $7.
Change Your Church at No Extra Charge.

Provide a practical discipleship opportunity and bring your church family together by joining the Seven Saves Initiative.

Seven Saves Is Love in Motion

Seven Saves is a church-based initiative that feeds young souls and transforms their communities in the name of Jesus. It is powered by Food For The Poor, one of the largest Christian nonprofit relief and development ministries in the United States.

Imagine a program that allows individual church members to feed a hungry child for just $7 a month while also bringing your church family together to multiply their gifts and make a difference in the communities in which the children live.

That’s what the Seven Saves Initiative is. It’s an innovative new way for your church to put Jesus’ love in motion. Click here to see where you can make a difference.

Pastors and Church Leaders Individual Givers

See an Overview of Seven Saves

For Pastors & Church Leaders

Your church members are eager to reconnect with your church and looking for ways to make a practical difference in the world in Jesus’ name.

See how Seven Saves will work in your church

Here’s a snapshot of how Seven Saves can help you do this:

We provide everything you need to easily manage the Seven Saves initiative.  Your first step is to assign a Facilitator for your church.  Click here to see all the support your church Facilitator has available.

Once your church signs up, all donations made by church members to feed hungry children automatically generate “Project Points.” These points are pooled together and allows your church to use the combined points to fund larger projects that help communities on the path toward self-sufficiency.

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Seven Saves:

• Engages individual church members and their families in solving the problem of extreme poverty.

• Provides a practical opportunity for growing discipleship among church members.

• Builds community within the church with a shared goal.

• Requires no financial commitment on the part of the church.

• Provides all the support you need to launch and maintain the Initiative at no cost.

For Individual Givers

Do you have a heart for feeding hungry children and transforming their communities?

Want to help hungry children and transform their communities?

Seven Saves is a church-based initiative so the biggest impact you can make now is to share this exciting opportunity with your pastor and church leaders.  You can bring the life-changing opportunity to feed hungry children and help transform their communities to your whole church family.

Or if you’d like to give as an individual now, click the button below.

We can’t wait for you to be part of what God will do in the lives of “the least of these” by bringing Seven Saves to your church.

Click here for everything you need to tell your church about Seven Saves.
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