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Here’s how to tell the Seven Saves story to your church leadership

Seven Saves is a church-based initiative so it starts with churches signing up for the program. Once a church is signed up, church members are invited to take part in this ministry to feed hungry children and help transform their communities. Or if you aren’t part of a participating church, you can simply sign up here.

We’d love for you to recommend Seven Saves to your church.

Your pastor and church leadership will be interested in hearing about this initiative because it encourages discipleship in a practical way and also will bring the church together as you work toward a common goal. And it doesn’t require any commitment of the church budget.

We’ve provided a number of resources on this page to help you share the Seven Saves vision with your church, from presentations to print materials.

Take a look at them and prayerfully plan how you can bring the Seven Saves Initiative to your church.

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See how you can recommend Seven Saves to your church

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