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5th locality of Bogotá, capital Colombia – Approximate population of 314,431

Originally this community was known for agricultural production. Today, it’s known for its numerous quarries for industrial materials production used in construction projects. Most residents are engaged in informal employment, such as street vendors, construction, and domestic help. Extreme poverty is everywhere. Children are often left to fend for themselves out on the streets. Young people are drawn into delinquency and drug addiction. Single motherhood is common; it’s a stressful life due to lack of access to stable work, healthcare, and housing.

Your support for the people in Usme puts God’s love in action!

Puerta De Luz

7th locality of Bogotá, capital of Colombia – Approximate population of 50 families

Small-scale industry exists in this area, including minerals mining, leather, furniture, and footwear businesses. Many migrant groups come into this community looking for a better life. However, unemployment is high, and residents face increasing poverty, malnutrition, and lack of food. These conditions have created generations of constant fear of danger, drug consumption, and crime. To offset these challenges, the people in this community are in need of many supplies including clothing, food, medical care, and spiritual support.

Your support for the people in Puerta De Luz puts God’s love in action!

Villa Fatima

A town located in the Vaupés Department, Republic of Colombia – Approximate population of 568

Most of the families in this small area have very low economic resources and earn a daily wage by doing various labor in the nearby fields. Their educational level is low, with the majority of the adult population having not completed basic primary education. Oftentimes the mother is the head of the household with 3-5 children. This community is in a constant state of need for food, school and medical supplies.

Your support for the people in Villa Fatima puts God’s love in action!

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