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El Salvador

Joyas del Norte

Situated nearby to Lotificación Santa Carlota 2, and close to Lotificación El Castillo – Approximate population of 250

The Joyas del Norte (Jewels of the North) community is made up of farmers, entrepreneurs and workers, who take advantage of the sugar cane cutting season to work and generate income for their families. The community has gone through several difficult times, one of them was safety due to the gangs in the area. Also, one of the biggest challenges of the community is the issue of water drainage, due to the severe winter storms that cause floods and the lack of drains with the adequate capacity to evacuate rainwater. Life in Joyas del Norte is difficult due to few opportunities for work and the ability to build a life beyond mere survival.

Your support for the people in Joyas del Norte puts God’s love in action!

Santa Anita

Situated east of El Jícaro – Approximate population of 325

The Uphill portion of Santa Anita is in the community of Canton. It is difficult to access due to poor road conditions. The bus doesn’t reach Santa Anita, which is particularly a concern in an emergency. Many houses do not have drinking water, so the people go to the natural springs to bathe and get drinking water.

Your support for the people in Santa Anita puts God’s love in action!

Maria Victoria

Located near el Rosario – Approximate population of 305

The people in this community live in old sheet champas installed with rustic wood that they collect in the nearby forest. They do not have a drinking water service and that forces them to obtain water from a nearby pipe and move it one pitcher at a time. The people here are tentatively optimistic about receiving help because they have had other organizations promise help, but never actually deliver it. With so many difficult factors in this community they would be very grateful for any and all support.

Your support for the people in Maria Victoria puts God’s love in action!

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