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Paraje Chojoyup

Located in the Calel Village – Approximate population of 200

In Paraje Chojoyup, houses are isolated throughout the rural areas and do not have public services such as piped water and sewerage. Each day, the women and children collect water for their homes using pitchers and buckets. In particular, the Maya-Quiché ethnic group in western Guatemala do not know the official language El Español, making it difficult for the women to become more productive in the family economy. 

Your support for the people in Paraje Chojoyup puts God’s love in action!

Aldea los Perez

A community in Quetzaltenango, a city in Guatemala’s western highlands – Approximate population of 384

Aldea los Perez is set against a backdrop of volcanoes, including towering Santa María with its active Santiaguito lava dome. The city produces wheat, maize, fruits, and vegetables, and also has a thriving livestock industry. But the community is in the high mountains of western Guatemala, at an altitude of 2,900. It’s only accessible by a single dirt road. Life is isolated and remote, making it difficult for selling potato and corn crops and for maintaining their water supply.

Your support for the people in Aldea los Perez puts God’s love in action!

Neuvo San Juan

Located in the region known as Boca-Costa – Approximate population of 315

Neuvo San Juan is a very mountainous region and is isolated from urban centers. The people are of the Maya-Mam group. They are engaged in smallholder agriculture where they are able to obtain temporary jobs as day laborers on coffee farms. They have introduced improved seeds for potato and banana cultivation which has opened some doors for the market and they are starting to see improvement in their economy. But, it is slow in coming and they are in need of school supplies, medical supplies, and much more.

Your support for the people in Neuvo San Juan puts God’s love in action!

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