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The 5th communal section of Gonaïves, in the Artibonite department – Approximate population of 11,443

Labranle is a vulnerable rural community, and the people in this area mainly live off agriculture. Approximately 60% of the population is under the age of 18 and the female population significantly outnumber the males. According to the local pastor, the most vulnerable group is the elders, because they cannot provide for themselves. The children come to school hungry, so it is very difficult for them to learn. This area is deprived of everything, even the most basic human needs including; lack of health care, drinking water, school infrastructure, roads and telecommunications.

Your support for the people in Labaranle puts God’s love in action!


Located in Pétion-Ville, east of Port-au-Prince – Approximate population of 50 families

About 15 years ago, the main economic activity in this area was agriculture. The inhabitants used to prepare and cultivate the lands for farming. Today the lack of irrigation systems has forced people to work in public transportation (e.g. taxis) or as a reseller in the markets. There is an excessive amount of kidnapping and gang violence affecting the social well-being of the community. Some of the churches and schools were forced to close their doors because of armed criminals stealing from them. They would benefit greatly from school supplies, medical supplies, food, and more.

Your support for the people in Pernier puts God’s love in action!


Located in the 4th section of Bellevue la Montagne – Approximate population of 3500 families

Greffin is in the commune of Pétion-Ville, in West Haiti. This community has an average of 7 people per household. Most of them are living in slums because they can’t afford to build a proper house. The inhabitants barely have the means to survive. The school, which was founded in 1975, has only 265 students registered, and the church has only 160 active members. These families are caught in a perpetual cycle of poverty and would welcome food supplies, school supplies, medical supplies or fresh water systems. They are in much need.

Your support for the people in Pernier puts God’s love in action!

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