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Rio Abajo

A section of Francisco Morazán – Approximate population of 360

This small neighborhood has dirt streets and poor housing where families are in both economic and mental poverty. They are grateful to God for life, and they share the very little they have with others. Their daily routine is to look for money or food. The school system is nearly non-existent. Life for them is simple and challenging. The residents, in addition to needing food, are also in high need of healthcare.

Your support for the people in Rio Abajo puts God’s love in action!

La Sabana

Located in San Manuel, Cortes, Honduras – Approximate population of 365

The La Sabana community is in the vicinity of the municipal garbage dump in San Pedro Sula. Settlements have been formed by people who have come from rural areas to search through the garbage. They hunt for recyclable materials to sell for survival, and also search for clothing and for food, such as vegetables or meat remnants, from restaurant trash, which is why so many residents are malnourished. Most people in La Sabana have very few aspirations other than one single goal: survive one more day.

Your support for the people in La Sabana puts God’s love in action!

Puerto Escondido

A hidden port community of the Sula Valley – Approximate population of 350

Puerto Escondido is one of the most beautiful—and vulnerable—areas of Sula Valley. Known for its tourist-enticing beaches, this area draws plenty of visitors but the residents face daily challenges. It’s vulnerable because it sits in the low-lying area of the city, subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. These disasters have severely impacted the infrastructure and devastated houses, schools, churches, and accessible roads. 

Your support for the people in Puerto Escondido puts God’s love in action!

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