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The Double Blessing of Seven Saves

Seven Saves is a poverty-fighting initiative and is simple: For just $7 dollars per month, you can feed a hungry child in a poor community. That $7 gift does two things:

1.) Provides a child with nourishment for a month.

2.) Each $7 gift earns points (think frequent flyer miles) for the donor’s church — to fund a community-improvement project for your child’s village.

So, while you are feeding one hungry child, you and others in your church are building points toward a project like a water well or a reading program. Once your church chooses the community they wish to come alongside, then all individual and community giving goes to help that village. Your church can choose a shared community improvement goal from the list below:

Bibles (New International Version)

Water Filtration Systems

School Supplies

Family Fruit Tree Garden

Supplies for Local Churches

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