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The Double Blessing of Seven Saves

Seven Saves is a poverty-fighting initiative and is simple: For just $7 dollars per month, you can help feed and support hungry children in a poor community. That $7 gift does two things:

1.) Provides food and support to hungry children monthly.

2.) Each $7 gift earns points (think frequent flyer miles) for the donor’s church — to fund a community-improvement project for your child’s village.

So, while you are feeding one hungry child, you and others in your church are building points toward a project like church supplies or fruit trees. Once your church chooses the community they wish to come alongside, then all individual and community giving goes to help that village. Your church can choose a shared community improvement goal from the list below:

Bibles (New International Version)

Water Filtration Systems

School Supplies

Family Fruit Tree Garden

Supplies for Local Churches

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