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Spotlight on Hidden Valley Church

Hidden Valley Church

One of the latest churches eager to join the Seven Saves initiative is Hidden Valley Community Church in southwestern Wisconsin. They call themselves “a place for people who have given up on church, but not on God.”Church members will share Christ’s love by supporting hungry families in the Caribbean and Latin America for the coming year.

“We’re really big on serving the local community,” said Scott Craddock, Senior Pastor. “We are excited about running Seven Saves in our church because it gives us a great way to extend beyond just our community and give members a bigger sense of what church is and what our church family can be together.”

Hidden Valley Community Church is in the city of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, with a population of about 5,000. Craddock likes that the families in his congregation can participate individually. Church members can help feed and support a hungry child for just $7 a month. 

“Also, as a congregation, we’re working towards something together and celebrating the goals we reach that way,” he said, “so I liked that balance between the two.”

Hidden Valley has a monthly serving focus, “which is something that we do beyond our walls,” Pastor Craddock said. In the past, this has included donation drives, like collecting diapers for a community organization. Seven Saves will be the first time the church has had a recurring monthly serving focus for a whole calendar year.

Craddock is looking forward to keeping his congregation updated and celebrating the progress as church members give to the hungry. The church plans to launch its campaign in December and continue through the end of 2023.

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